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Bitcoin is an open-source, digital cryptocurrency. Using Blockchain technology, its much different than traditional money because it’s decentralized. This means there is no central governing authority like central bank or a finance director associated with it. Bitcoin’s issuance are ensured by regular users using a process known as Bitcoin mining. Bitcoin can be sent anywhere, anytime, for free, and with little regard for national borders or government and bank-imposed restrictions. It’s a new way to deal with money in 2018 and may make our current currency out of date and extinct as some point.

With the Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin News app you can keep up to date on the emerging trends and things that occur with this exciting new market. Money itself is due to disruption just like other companies have done for the taxi industry and the music market. Today the status quo is changing quickly to new standards and blockchain technology may change money forever.

I’m seeing a lot of new and interesting people and to the space selling information on becoming rich in crypto overnight and I just want to kind of iron out everything and explain to you the most simplistic way to get involved in crypto. You don’t have to spend any money I’m going to give you information within 10 minutes this applies to anybody who’s interested in entering the space.

You have blockchain distributed technology you have economics and you have human behavior you have Game Theory. All these different applications so if anybody’s coming to you simple facts for anyone to get involved. I’m literally talking about how to buy two three hundred bucks worth of it keep it hold it and forget about it because we’re talking about value investing.

If you are in Canada or United States you can simply use the to exchange it so coinbase or coinsquare. It’s simple you can use your credit card. The fees are bit high but so what you’re not trading. I don’t do price predictions, I don’t do trading, I don’t look at coins I don’t look a white papers, not ask them what I want. I suggest is look at the square Up to that exchange put your credit card information in and buy a hundred bucks of each Bitcoin Litecoin or Etherium.

Thousand dollars at the beginning you’re just a literally looking to get your toes wet. Okay so let’s say you are in Canada or United States you do coinbase or coin Square you buy $100 of each. I never ever recommend anybody to keep any crypto on any changes.

If needing help with Cryptocurrency now, don’t invest in anything without knowing what they’re investing. Just keep that in mind I don’t be caught up in the fear of missing out. Most people see something on the rise and jump on the bandwagon and then there they think they’re going to make it like the stocks right away. Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin investing is a huge risk and you may lose all of your investment money if you are not careful.

Educating yourself on the other cryptocurrencies, there’s many out there I’m not going to name them right now, you can do your own research. Find out why that cryptocurrency exist in the first place. Find out the team behind it find out what the problem it solved. Read their white paper and really understand why you should even put any money into it.

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