I am very excited about releasing my first iPhone app to the app store. I have been studying Swift for the past six months and I feel I now have a decent knowledge of the language and how the phone and operating system works. I have struggled at times which is to be expected when learning a new programming language and device but I am happy that I stuck with it.
My first app isn’t exactly earth shattering but I think it is a bit of an improvement of some of the apps in the app store and in reality, the app is pretty useful. I wanted to learn the entire process from start to finish on completing an app. It’s a tipping calculator which I named the Instant Tip Calculator. It does have some nice features like the ability to generate tip percentages between 1% – 30%, split a bill to up to 40 friends, the output contains the tip amount, total for the bill and individual persons cost if you do split the bill. Also I was able to code the app to instantly adjust the calculations when you adjust the tip percentage or the person split slider controls.  I also included international currency support so the output will be in dollars in America, Euros in Europe and Pecos in Spanish speaking countries.

I found there was a large learning curve to get everything that is needed to get the app ready to be sold on the app store. First a good icon which I contracted someone on Fiverr to do. Next good screen shots at the proper sizes (which took me a long time to get looking right) that will help sell the app (even though it’s free). Then writing a good descriptions and finding good keywords. I still need to do a few things like record and edit a video and finish up the app’s Facebook Fan Page.

We will see, I still have allot to do before the app is officially released and I will update this blog when it’s done. I have a ton of new ideas for apps so this is just the tip of the ice burg and it will definitely be a fun ride!