The Fit The Shape Lane game is a ton of fun where you try to match the shape of the object so it fits through the upcoming item in the lane. if it doesn’t match then you move to the matching lane. It’s calling and a ton of fun to try to master the Fit The Shape Lane game.

* A Casual Fun Game
* Match the Shapes in the Lane
* Cool Music
* Great Entertainment

Try to get to your top some by playing the Fit The Shape Lane game. The game has three lanes which you can switch to to match the upcoming item. If you choose the wrong lane the game is over. It’s challenging fun and a total blast to play this cool casual game.

The game has cool colorful graphics and you can choose a different mode if you want to try other colors. The Fit The Shape Lane game will allow you to play for hours to try to reach your highest score. The game starts slowly and builds up quickly so you need to make a very fast decision on which lane is the right one to fit into.

It’s a real fun game to try to compete with your family and friends. Download the Fit The Shape Lane game now and give it a try!