Learn about Mindfulness with my new Mindfulness U app! This app contains awesome posts from top bloggers which will help you live your life better. The app is free on iOS.

Mindfulness definition is to pay attention, in the present moment, without judgment. This app will help you do that. Get daily new info from top expert bloggers whom write about mindfulness to help you in your daily life Learn how to improve your self esteem and self awareness. Download this app to learn how to build your self confidence. Mindfulness will help you with pain reduction, reduce stress, increase immune system activity, increase capacity for compassion, regulate emotions, increases ability to relax and, relieve chronic pain levels. Other benefits include improvements in anxiety and depression symptoms and improved ability to experience moments with greater clarity and objectivity.

Other things you will learn in this app include meditation, deep breathing techniques, how to deal with grief and, obtain bliss in your life. Today our lives have become very hectic and some quiet time will help us to live a more balanced life. This app is for you if you need to learn some anti stress techniques to live a better healthier, happier life.

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