app Mobile App Development

Apps are everywhere these days and people love to use them. Contact me to find out how an app can help market your business in new and exciting ways including push notifications for specials, showcase updates for your work and much, much more. I also work with individuals whom have an app idea and want to work together to create it. I have completed many mobile apps and I can help you take your idea and develop it into an actual mobile app!

1024 The Instant Tip Calculator
The Instant Tip Calculator iPhone app provides you with an accurate way of generating gratuity for your waiter or waitress quickly. With easy to use simple controls you can enter your bill fast and use the convenient slider controls to adjust percentage and bill splitting. This app is perfect for calculating your bill tips for breakfast, brunch, lunch or diner. It’s also handy if your out having drinks and appetizers with friends.

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Flying Penguin Jump
Flying Penguin Jump is a fun and addicting game for the entire family. Your mission is to help Penter the Penguin make his way through the frozen Antartica landscape by jumping from frozen pillar to frozen pillar.

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panda5 Panda Kung Fu Stack
Panda Kung Fu Stack is a fun stacking game. The idea is to stack the panda’s as high as you can before they all fall down. Sounds easy but it’s challenging and a ton of fun!

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icon-messages-app-store-1024x768 Emoji Party Time
Time to Party With Emojis! This fantastic new app allow you to take advantage of the new iOS 10 app sticker extensions to add cool HD Emojis to your text messages.

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My new SantaMojis app is now available in the Apple App Store!
This cool app allows you to add HD Santa Emojis to your messages.

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My EmojiPics iPhone application allows you to add cool emojis and custom frames to your pictures.

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Love Stickers 
Send messages of love with the new Love Stickers messaging app.

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Shopping News 
Have you ever wished that someone make an app where you can have many discount fashion blogs in one place? Your wish has come true with the Shopping News App!

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Match 4 Emojis
Match four Emojis is a fun game where you try to match 4 emojis in a row. Even though the game sounds simple, it’s very challenging!

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